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Friday, July 12, 2024

Mental health for beginners


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a good time to understand if we need
some help.


It wasn’t until the early 2000s that mental health was discussed publicly. Give it to Bollywood
superstar Deepika Padukone for discussing her battle with depression and anxiety in 2014 which led
to mental health becoming a mainstream topic of discussion. Around the same time, in 2016 came
Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhat and Shah Rukh Khan which normalized therapy and words such as
The month of May is declared as Mental Health Awareness Month. It is an opportunity to raise
awareness around us, which could possibly lead to reducing the stigma to seek help. WOW! decodes
a few common phrases of mental health. 
Also known as psychotherapy or talk therapy. The word ‘therapy’ means treatment that helps
improve mental health and relieve emotional distress. It involves structured meetings between a
therapist and a client. It can help people identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts, and learn
practical self-help strategies. Sessions are confidential and can be in-person, over video or a phone
call. You can find Psychotherapists in the city and there are also NGOs that offer free counseling
Fee: Starts at Rs 1,500 per hour
Where: Roshni Counselling Centre, Next to ITC Hotel Kakatiya, Begumpet 
Tel: 090106 61117
Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
Pro Tip: Free counseling camp every Thu from 11 am to 6 pm
Common signs and symptoms: Change in appetite and sleep patterns, weight gain/loss, fatigue
levels, consistent tiredness or fatigue, small tasks seem hard to do, forgetfulness, and chronic pain.
Potential options: Talk to your doctor if any of these signs show up consistently for at least two
weeks or more. The doctor could suggest therapy, prescribe medication, or both.
Anxiety Disorders
Common signs and symptoms: Excessive fear and worry, along with changes in behavior that are
linked to these feelings, consistent tiredness or fatigue, agitation or restlessness, constant sweating,
headaches, tense muscles, high pulse, trembling, or gastrointestinal issues.
Potential Options: There is effective psychological care and treatment, and based on the intensity
and age, medication could also be considered.

Eating Disorders
Eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, are conditions causing unhealthy eating
habits and can include an obsession with body weight and image. The behaviors or symptoms put
one’s health at great risk, causing a lot of stress. 
Potential Options: Several effective treatment options exist including cognitive-based therapy and
family-based treatment.
Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Neurodevelopmental disorders are cognitive and behavioral concerns, during the early
developmental phase. These include disorders of intellectual development, attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), etc.
Potential Options: Thanks to pioneering research and new advancements, psychosocial
interventions, and occupational, behavioral and speech therapy are potential treatments. In certain
cases, medication can also be considered.
Paid counseling services
Asha Hospital, Banjara Hills: 96666 55558
Hope Trust, Banjara Hills: 90008 50001
Inner Connect: 70135 85414
Free Helplines
Nimhans – 080-46110007 
Roshni Trust – 84488 44845
iCall – 022-25521111, 91529 87821
Vardela Foundation – 99996 66555
Parivarthan – 76766 02602
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