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Sunday, April 21, 2024

About Us

About Wow! Hyderabad

Wow! Hyderabad started off as a website in 1997, at the peak of the global internet wave, by Ms Deepti Reddy and her friend to talk about Hyderabad and the Wow! things it offered. It served as a space for the burgeoning NRI communities abroad to read about their favorite city and stay in touch with the latest happenings in their hometown. In 2002, Ms Deepti Reddy, a young New York-returned Hyderabadi, decided there was more scope in the publishing world for a glossy, high-quality magazine with cutting-edge design – giving 360-degree insights into the city, catering to readers who walk, talk and live Hyderabad. The magazine again sought to expand its digital/online presence with a website and social media presence and is today a digital entity too. Wow! Hyderabad Magazine officially turns 21 this December 2023 and is proud of its professional staff including editors, staff writers, copy editors and graphic designers who take their job seriously – of putting across the best of Hyderabad in the best possible way to its print and digital readers. The magazine is published in Hyderabad from its Ameerpet office and caters to everyone who loves to have a li’l bit of Hyderabad in their lives.

Our Team!

Deepti Reddy –  Managing Editor
Deepti is the Founder/Managing Editor of Wow Hyderabad. An entrepreneur who is passionate about Hyderabad and all things design, she loves exploring the city. In 2002, she decided to translate her passion for Hyderabad and an eye for design into a cutting-edge city magazine that covered the city 360 degrees. Global quality with local ethos is her mantra behind the success of the magazine, now also a digital publication.
Ratna Rao Shekar – Editor
Ratna Rao Shekar, the founder editor of Wow! Hyderabad brings with her three decades of experience in journalism having worked for many major publications in the country. She thinks of herself as a serial magazine launcher, having also launched other magazines like Housecalls, Pink Connexion, Naari,  apart from Wow Hyderabad.
She has done a book of short stories, called Purple Lotus and other Stories, non fiction, Journey without a Map, and a book on artist Laxma Goud. By virtue of being Wow editor, she practically knows whole of Hyderabad, though personally she likes a quiet corner to read, write and contemplate. Her other passion is art, and has curated shows and done books of leading Telangana artists.
Manju Latha Kalanidhi – Assistant Editor
Grateful for her past and excited about the future Manju Latha Kalanidhi is always on a journalist-first mode. With over two decades of mainstream media experience, she continues to believes in the power of storytelling to bring about change. She combines the good old ethics of print journalism with the speed and agility of digital journalism to straddle the world of print and digital media effortlessly. She joined Wow in July and has been instrumental in helping the legacy print magazine transition into digital as well. An award winning journalist and founder of viral social initiative Rice Bucket Challenge, she calls herself a Pakka Hyderabadi.
Ipshita Raman – Features Writer
Predisposed to venturing slightly off the beaten track, Ipshita Raman naturally possesses a penchant for experimenting with life which has led her to many interesting life experiences including one at WOW! Hyderabad Magazine. When not covering a wide range of stories at WOW! Mag, Ipshita, also a cinephile, can be seen passionately studying and debating film, working on her poetry and making vacation plans with her mother.
Mallik Thatipalli – Features Writer 
Mallik Thatipalli joined WOW! Magazine in 2008 just out of college and has been a part of its story eversince. Interested in the changing contours of our city, he loves about about its culture, heritage and traditions. When he is not scouting for stories he loves hanging out at Akshara ( the book store), on a heritage walk or sampling Osmania biscuits from local bakeries!