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Friday, June 14, 2024

 Here’s how to reset your health this year with a post-party detox program


As New Year begins, we gravitate towards the reset mode and kickstart with good health in mind. Thanks to
some heavy-duty Christmas and New Year parties, it is natural to feel like you have a bloated tummy or a puffy face. WOW! has put together some actionable advice from experts who will help you
make a fresh start with a detox ritual.

Mayuri Aavula, nutritionist with Trudiet and a certified bariatric dietician, puts together a sustainable detox program for partygoers who set out to walk the healthy track of purging the baddies from the body.

• Drink a green smoothie made by blending spinach, coriander and mint in yogurt on an empty stomach. A
prebiotic and probiotic combo, it flushes out toxins from the body
• Add flax seeds to buttermilk or hot water to flush out the toxins
• Vitamin C, kiwi-induced water and minerals besides fermented drinks such as Kombuchas are good sources
of improving the nutrient levels in the body as they make the toxins water soluble making it easier the body to
flush them out
• Pro tip: Vitamin C helps you get good sleep, which aids detoxification and cleaning up of your body
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“Festive indulgence can mean excessive food, drinking, chaotic sleep schedules and travel. Unfortunately, the downside of the fun shows up on the skin. Stress can also disturb our routine and our skin thrives on daily rituals. A skin detox is mainly a balance of internal well-being and calming the skin down
with a basic skincare routine, says Dr Ravali Yalamanchili, a clinical and aesthetic dermatologist in Hyderabad.
Her skin detox tips after this holiday season are:
• Exfoliation of dead skin using mild peels at home
• In-clinic procedures for skin hydration like medi-facials, hydra facials, skin rejuvenation peels
• Oral supplements like antioxidants, particularly glutathione and vitamin C reduce oxidative stress, thus reducing inflammation
• Skin booster injections with hyaluronic acid help maintain the radiance and hydration of skin
• Sheet masks at home are great options for peeling off the zits, locking in the moisture and to give instant
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Ishrath Ikram, a certified nutritionist and yoga coach, recommends watermelon, fresh orange juice, mint and celery juice for those looking for fruits or juices that aid detox. “For breakfast, try a smoothie bowl
or a chia, almond and oats bowl. For lunch, I recommend quinoa, soups and vegetables with protein. For dinner, try something light and nourishing like dalia, khichdi and dal rice. Cut out junk and snack on granola bars or have protein shakes,” she says.

• What to eat: Clean low-calorie diets focusing on foods rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, dietary fiber, and
complex carbohydrates
• Who should avoid: People with diabetes, cardiovascular issues, or (a history of) eating disorders, and pregnant or lactating mothers
• Cons: This may initially cause digestive issues, weakness, exhaustion, nausea, muscle pain, headaches, irritability, and sleepiness
• Morning: Warm water with lime followed by vegetable oats or an omelet for breakfast and tuna salad for lunch. An evening snack could be orange juice with black salt and a baked broccoli-sweet potato supper which combines all the nutrients in a healthy meal
• Alternative breakfast choices: Almonds, acai bowl and vegan salad; Oolong tea or grapefruit, celery and a pomegranate smoothie for the evening
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Ageless lifestyle and menopause coach Lovina Gidwani of Ageless with Lovina, says:
• Drink two cups of hot water with the juice of half a lemon and two to four pinches of cayenne pepper upon waking (on an empty stomach)
• Use a ‘dry brush’ to massage your body in a circular motion, working towards the heart before taking a shower. This facilitates lymphatic and blood circulation helping the elimination of toxins through the skin
• Follow this process by alternating with a hot/cold water bath, which aids vasodilation and vasoconstriction of
capillaries, further stimulating circulation and your immune system
• Sip this detox drink to infuse each cell with energy and vitality every morning. Take the following. • Half a green capsicum • A bunch of coriander leaves • Six curry leaves • Half a green or red apple (half without skin) • Blanch all ingredients in warm water, blend and consume immediately without straining

The Travancore Ayurveda Center in Hyderabad has the five-point Panchakarma therapy to detox the body. This consists of five karmas (treatments)
Virechan: Cleansing using powders, pastes and medicinal plants
Vaman: Forced vomiting or purging with herbal medicinal treatment
Basti: Medicated enemas using warm medicated oils or decoctions or milk
Rakta Mokshana: Detoxification of the blood, also known as blood-letting
Nasya: Nasal clearance using herbal remedies, oils, and fumes
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