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Friday, July 12, 2024



WOW! drops into artist Giridhar Goud’s latest show


Giridhar Goud presents his latest series of miniature art, ‘Shiva & Shakti’, a culmination of years
spent studying the Dakshinatya Natyakala Charitra by Nataraja Ramakrishna and Rupa Dhyana
Ratnavali by Devadaya Dharmadaya Sakha.
In the making since 2010, this exhibition delves into various themes surrounding Shiva,
exploring different forms of tandav inspired by Dhyana shlokas, the Nava Durgas, and the
concept of Ardhanareeshwara.
Crafted in the ancient Indian miniature style, the artworks on display demonstrate his mastery
over the medium. The 59-year-old artist residing in Garuvupalem village, Andhra Pradesh, has
had a passion for art since childhood.
His artistic journey began with chalk drawings on the floors of his home, guided by his father’s
introduction to basic shapes. He recalls, “My father was my first guru, even my interest in
literature stems from the fact that he used to read the epics out loud while I would be working on
my craft.”
Inspired by artists like Vaddadi Papaiah and Bapu, he ventured into various mediums such as
charcoal, watercolors, and pencil drawings. However, it was during his time at the Faculty of
Fine Arts in Baroda, under the mentorship of Ghulam Mohammed Sheikh, that he honed his
His fascination with miniature painting, fueled by visits to temples in Lepakshi and Hampi,
intensified after a transformative meeting with Jagdish Mittal in 1999. Giridhar recalls, “I was
supposed to meet him for 15 minutes and ended up spending five hours with him. He helped me
understand the importance of materials and mediums for art. That understanding really helped
me to refine and gain mastery over my work.”
For his current show, the artist found his calling when he read lines from Soundarya Lahari. He
states, “It is Shakti that makes Shiva. Without Shakti, there is no Shiva. Without both the male
and female forms, there is no nature; hence, the Ardhanareeshawara is central to life itself.”
What is also striking about these works is the clear impact on the artist of the Vijayanagara style
of painting. The natural colors used add a layer of mystique to the works on display. The artist

not only sources natural colors from Jaipur but also makes his own from herbs and natural
substances to get the shades he desires.
By seamlessly blending the earthly with the celestial, Goud’s exhibition reverentially honors
tradition through attention to detail and expansive thematic exploration. The show will be on at
Kalakriti Art Gallery from April 5 to May 1.
Kalakriti Art Gallery
Plot 8-2-465/1, Road No. 4, near Hyatt Place, Green Valley, Banjara Hills
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm


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