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Friday, July 12, 2024

Fine Dining Has A New Address


A culinary gem where Asian tradition waltzes with modern flair


As we walked up the elegantly appointed staircase and through the restaurant we knew that
NOHO is not just another Pan Asian restaurant. The sophisticated ambiance, with a design that’s
a creative fusion of metals like brass, copper, iron, and steel offset by the deep reds pays homage
to its Asian roots. From floor- to-ceiling abacus-styled grills to funky chandelier beams and
cascading chunky chandeliers, the decor is both innovative and inviting. The space features a
central bar, a sushi bar, and teppanyaki, along the length of the restaurant. The terrace, an
extension of the cocktail bar, boasts its own identity with a metallic ceramic installation inspired
by Asian geometry. The large metal tree trunk branching out installation creates a focal point.
The metal facade, complemented by lush greenery, ensures Noho stands out on the road heavily
dotted with other restaurants.
The drinks menu at NOHO is a curated homage to the Silk Road, with cocktails that tell a story
each from the ancient trade route. Since it was a dry day, we tried the mocktail menu that was a
tad bit less interesting in comparison, but a refreshing mix of flavors nevertheless. We tried The
Tropics and Sulawesi both had a layered citrus profile. The menu also offers a choice of shared
NOHO offers an immersive Pan- Asian experience. The live counters invite diners to witness the
culinary artistry up close and personal. Each dish, from sizzling Korean stone bowls to Japanese
Teppanyaki and Sushi & Robata (Japanese style of bar-be-cue), is a beautifully executed in
technique and presentation. We started with Pho, a clear star anise broth with flat noodles and
vegetables; this was like a light meal in itself. Next we tried two salads, both excellent and with a
light dressing – Baby Spinach topped with crispy leeks and flavoured with miso; Burrata, with a
sweet soy dressing, shaved frozen tomato and rucola. Among the starters Thai Lotus stem was
insanely addictive with the very finely sliced lotus stems fried to a crunchy perfection and dusted
with kaffir lime dust; it is the most perfect bar snack ever! We also loved the Lotus Wrap Prawn
Dimsum and Agedashi Tofu – deep fried silken tofu set atop a savory soy broth. For the main
course we tried Yellow Noodles in Black Bean Sauce and the lip-smacking wok fried
Cauliflower steak served with holy basil sauce. Who would have thought that cauliflower could
taste this good! We ended the meal on a high note with the perfectly set Crème Brulee that we
broke through with a satisfying crunch and Deconstructed Lotus Biscoff.

Meal for two: Rs 2,500+ (without alcohol)
Plot no 1057/G, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Beside SBI Bank
Tel: 8584 858431 / 8584 858441
Timings: 12 pm to 11.45 pm


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