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Saturday, June 15, 2024

An action-packed movie would do justice to my commitment: Shraddha Srinath


Actor Shraddha Srinath tells us what inspires her to sign up for movies


The New Year holds promise for Jersey actor Shraddha Srinath and she seems to be enjoying the  homecoming to Telugu cinema after four years of her blockbuster hit with Nani. This time
she is back with Venkatesh’s 75th action movie Saindhav, set to release on January 13.
The corporate lawyer-turned-actor from Bengaluru, known for her author-backed roles as a journalist in U-Turn (Kannada), as a rape survivor in Nerkonda Paarvai (Tamil, the remake of Pink in Hindi) and as a relationship counselor in the October Tamil release Irugapatru, has a host of movies this year and her
excitement is palpable. The actor with 23 movies in eight years including an OTT release Krishna and His Leela with Siddhu Jonnalagadda in 2020 tells WOW! Hyderabad what makes her tick.

A Telugu movie after Jersey with Saindhav. Does the language of the movie matter to an actor? Do different languages require different sensibilities?
It’s got more to do with the size of the team and the scale of the project and not the language I am acting in. However, understanding the dialect/slang of the movie and the emotion beneath it makes or breaks a role or a movie.

What draws you to movie projects?
Whether we like it or not, we artists have a huge responsibility towards our audience as every character impacts and influences them. I love to take up strong female characters with agency and be
able to inspire men and women when I appear on the screen.

Are there particular genres or types of roles you’re eager to explore in the future, and why do they appeal to you?
Action and comedy. I have been obsessing over my health, wellness and nutrition and an action-packed movie would do justice to my commitment.

Would you be the wife who plans everything out in her marriage like your character Meera Manohar in Irugapatru?
No way. I like my relationships to have lots of space, fluidity, give and take and fulfilling each other’s requirements organically.

What are the exciting projects you have on hand for 2024?
I am working on a Tamil web series and I have completed a project in Telugu which I cannot talk about.

What’s a day in Shraddha’s life when she is not shooting and is in Hyderabad?
When in Hyderabad, you can catch me hanging out with friends like Ravikanth Perepu (my director for Krishna and His Leela) and Sailesh Kolanu (my director for Saindhav) and their spouses. I am
the kind of girl who sits cross-legged munching, sipping and yapping away endlessly. Not many know that I lived in Secunderabad for six years of my life so hanging out here has a nostalgic appeal.
I binge on burgers from VAC’s pastries, like I used to when I lived here.

Three hashtags that define you: 
#SelfMade #Kind #WorkInProgress
Your life so far in one line: A life extraordinary
What has been the high point in your life, besides a movie doing well: Watching my little niece grow up into a fantastic individual
Hangout spot in Hyderabad: Broadway the Brewery
What is the one value that has been a constant in your life: I treat
everyone equally


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